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Contest Rules & Entering


How to Complete Your Entry:

1) Complete the Nomination Form

2) Share the Giveaway Post to your Instagram Stories

3) Tag 3 Friends in the Comments

4) Follow @jordandoakphotography

Contest Regulations

  1. Winner will NOT be picked at random, they will be hand selected by Jordan based off the information you provided with the submission. We will be taking into consideration factors such as the families last session, their story etc.

  2. The winning family must NOT be a current or existing client of Jordan

  3.  Possible delay may occur for the announcement of the winner. Expected announcement Day December 23rd 2022. Winners will be contacted via the person who nominated them

  4. Contest Entires close at 11:59PM PST on December 15th 2022

  5. In order to win, the following must be done: Follow Jordan, Share the Giveaway, Submit the form above, share the post to your story

  6. If more than one person nominates the winning family then only ONE winner of the second prize will be chosen at random

  7.  Grand prize total is valued at $600 for the nominated family and $400 for one person who nominated the family 

  8. Grand Prize Session can take place anywhere in the Lower Mainland and will be a choice by the family

  9. The Family Short session for the nominator will be hosted on a weekday evening in Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows

  10. Both sessions must take place in the year 2023

  11. Sessions are not transferable to other people

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