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FINALLY, This session is BLOGGED! Just blogging this session took me back to how much fun this was! Nearly Every shot I took I couldn't help my self-but smile! Life can be hard, it can be stressful and it has its trials and tribulations, but something everyone out there needs to do is Smile More (Roman Atwood)! I've taken some major inspiration lately from a Youtuber and he really has showed me what it means to Smile!

You would think because I am a photographer I would know how to smile or know how to make others smile, but it's one thing to show your teeth and its another thing to genuinely smile and sometimes give out a good belly laugh! There is nothing wrong with laughing, no matter how loudly, stupidly or so hard that it's silent. Fact is, it's healthy to laugh, not at each other but with each other! There seems lately to be so much hate in this world and among all of us people who frankly are brothers and sister, we are all in this together! We all live on this planet, why can't we share, share experiences, share laughs, share conversations? Why can't we leave the hate behind us and focus on bettering ourselves, and working on bettering each other. Bringing someone down is no way to reach the top, those who succeed had help, they had goals, they had inspirations & aspirations! What is success if you can't share it with people you love? Life is so short and we should all be trying to achieve the same thing, and that is happiness, luckily in my job I get to see a lot of happy people and be around happy people. I get to spend the day with couples on the happiest day of their lives; I don't take for granted one minute of what I get to do every day! In fact it almost paints and imperfect image of what life is like, Life is hard, and it seems easier to just be down on yourself and others but those who make the effort NOT to be down and just to smile even if they have to force it, those are the people that we should all be looking up to. Those people are my personal inspirations, a person who can recognize a hard time and instead of giving up, pushes through it to come out the other end a better person!

I know a thank people a lot but honestly, I can't even being to thank all of those who commented, shared & liked the Facebook post of Corey's Dudeoir Session, but especially those who messaged me or came up to me on the street and said "Thank You, thank you for making me laugh and putting a smile on my face." That is the real reason why I do my job, it's not to make people smile in front of a camera, it's about making people smile on the inside forcing it outwards!

Before I leave you with some candid smiles + Corey's Dudeoir Session, I ask you... What makes you Smile?



Big Thank You to Everyone Featured, as well as the wonderful Brooklyn D Photography for capturing a belly laugh during my own engagement session!



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