SO HAPPY TO BLOG THIS! Just reliving the moment while I'm Blogging this! My sisters amazing Fiancé Nate came up to me to tell me a secret, he was going to propose and the 2 things my sister said had to happen if he ever did was get my mom's approval and have it photographed! After MANY attempts and set backs to orchestrate a photoshoot of sorts we ended up doing "Family Photos" which lead to a beautiful Golden Hour Proposal! Since then my sister and Nate talked to me about photographing their wedding and they didn't want to burden me with working on their big day and just to "enjoy it" It took some convincing on my part that I would enjoy the wedding no matter what but It would be 100% more special for me if I was able to photograph it, a couple days later, they FORMALLY asked me and my heart exploded! NOW TIME FOR THEIR ENGAGEMENT SESSION!

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