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SO THRILLED to finally blog this session! So Kristen had messaged me mid summer saying that she was getting married and that she was looking for a photographer! She said in her initial email that she was in a wheel chair and was looking for someone who wouldn't have a problem shooting with a wheel chair bride! Never have I turned down anyone for any reason other than I was already booked! We planned their engagement session for sunset in Squamish where they lived! Before the session came I had done a little bit of my own research into photos of wheel chair brides and what are some good ways to pose ect. I do this because I want to make sure my clients are getting the most from their session with me, like any session I was a little nervous because we were kind of on a "trial bases." If the engagement session went well and we all meshed then they were going to book for the wedding! (pressures on wink wink) The session went by so fast, probably because we were all having a blast and their photos turned out absolutely stunning! Right from the beginning of the session Kristen told me that the wheel chair is apart of who she is so she wasn't afraid of it showing in the photos and just to leave all the creativity up to me, this was a big weight lifted off my shoulders because I always gear my photos to focus on who the couple is and really speak to their love for each other! I could go on and on about these two but I will finish with how excited I am to shoot their wedding next year and hopefully you enjoy their session as much as I did!

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