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When it comes to weddings, I am a HUGE sucker for a small intimate ceremony! I first spoke to Brittany over the phone and she explained that her and Mike were coming to BC from Alberta to have their wedding with JUST family! She told me she was flying in just the day before & that she wanted to me to choose the ceremony location and where we did photos! After many back and forth emails and LOTS of location scouting, we decided on Alouette Lake! There were only 9 guests plus their little son and man was is adorable! Right down to signing the Marriage Certificate on each others backs! After we did the family photos everyone had left to head to the dinner reservation they had and it was time for the portraits! Half way through the photos I remember Brittany saying how amazing it would be to jump in the lake... seeing as it was a ridiculous 36 Degrees out! It slowly went from a Joke to me perched on a rock snapping photos of then running into the lake... FULLY DRESSED! The light was causing a small issue off the water so I needed to shoot the opposite direction.. this lead to me being neck deep in the lake hovering just above the surface with my camera! (this is why I refuse to leave for a wedding without a change of clothes) Needless to say I am in love with the images and the memories we captured from that moment! Also HUGE thanks to the over 800 people that shared, liked and commented on the facebook photo!

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