2018 Shoot & Share Contest Results

Every year this AMAZING company called Shoot & Share puts on a fully anonymous, 100% non bias photo contest from photographers ALL over the world!! As some of my long time followers may know I had a photo place in the TOP 100 last year and I almost died!! I could not be more stoked about the results of this years contest and I just can't believe I am in the same category or even realm of some of my aspiring photographers and some ridiculously talented people!!

Check them out!!

This image was my BEST placing photo of all time - Placing 19th out of 5689 Images

This image was a FINALIST! Placing 463 out of 36,983 Images

The next 4 images made the TOP 10% of their category!

This one Placed 3567 out of 37,145 Images

This one Placed 862 out of 36,983 Images

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