Alysha + Brian's Downtown Vancouver Anniversary Session

There are some people in this business that find other photographers as competition, others find joy in networking, making friends and seeing them succeed! When I first met Alysha I knew that she was on of those people! We connected through an amazing group of photographers who are not there to brag, boast or be arrogant, we are there to help lift each other up and to help others be successful! We are there to bitch and have our problems heard by friends or compare ideas and inspiration! Also little un-known fact of Alysha... she has a sweet innocent exterior who photographs babies and families and weddings... but also can drop a pretty bad ass beat to some rap music!

You may remember a very funny slideshow that involved another good friend of mine Stacie when we announced our workshops together! Well those awesome photos were captured by Alysha and it was time to return the favour! Her and her hubby dressed up to the nines and ventured around Downtown Vancouver to capture some photos for them celebrating their anniversary! Also lets just take a minute to appreciate the bouquet and the boutonnière... they were both HAND MADE by Alysha herself, talk about multi-talented!

The four of us had SO much fun venturing some roof tops and parkades around the city! The weather was perfect, the wind offered some great Beyonce hair. I am so excited we were able to take these for her and her hubby and it for sure is one of my fave couple sessions! Check out the photos below and let me know what you think!

cheers ~ jd

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