I am so excited and for some reason SOOOOOO nervous to share these images! You have all spoken (on my insta-stories) the majority of you voted to see my Before & After images on the blog so here they are!! Personally I feel that post production is JUST as important as shooting the wedding and knowing what you are doing at the wedding! Post production is where a photographer is able to put their stamp or their style on an image! There are soooo many ways that a RAW image can be taken and there are sooo many style and amazingly talented photographers out there with their own person touch! Post production and editing images isn't something many people think of, it requires hour and hours of computer work, hours of indecisiveness, many many glasses of wine and a WHOLE lot of self doubt! In the end it is all worth it because you are left with images that are amazing and truly speak to the photographer you are! It is all about taking that beautifully photographed image over the finish line by editing it and putting the stamp of YOU on it!!

As I mentioned before there are SO many different styles of editing out there and it is SO amazing to see all these talented photographers who has found their style and has found their niche in how they want their final images to look! No one style is correct or better than another, it is an art form and we are all creatives thriving at what we know to do best!! Personally my style is very "real" I try to keep the natual tones in the images because I like those bright vibrant colors! I also like my images to be warm (adding orange) this gives it that romantic warm and cozy feel & I just love the beauty that comes out especially in the skin tones!!

Enough of me rambling, check out some of my favourites when it comes to Before & After Editing!!

Cheers ~ jd

Lots of times during sunset, in order to really capture that amazing yellow sky, it is helpful to shoot underexposed - meaning the RAW image is darker that how it really was that evening, this makes is easier to brighten up and really pull out that beautiful sun flare!!

Many times when photographing a bride getting ready, you dont always have optimal lighting and the light that you want. This particular situation the room had beautiful natural light but I really wanted to focus on keeping that sharpness in the diamond so I under exposed again knowing I could brighten it up and really bring life and clarity to the image.

RECEPTIONS... every photographer here will feel me on this one... receptions are often dark and not well lit for a photographers perspective. This is where OCF (Off Camera Flash) is SOOOO effective! OCF is the use of having a flash detached from your camera in a different part of the room to add light to your location. In this situation I used OCF pointed at e from behind the bride and groom, this gives such a gorgeous halo glow around the edges of their hair and it especially is amazing when that light flare comes through so perfectly!

Sometimes images don't need much in the way of editing because your location had FLAWLESS light.. this is one of them!

and sometimes you are a little late to sunset so you need to improvise with some post production & some photoshop! (not afraid to admit it)

On cloudy/overcast days everything seems a little more blah and muted... not once I get my hands on some editing!

Another great example of sunset editing!!

This edit is still one of my favourites!!! Shooting OPEN sun (meaning there is not tree shade, only direct sunlight) means in order to keep a normal balance of exposure there is a good chance the sky will be over exposed and blown out! This image is a perfect example of using post production and photoshop to bring the life back to the sunset!!

Just getting a little crafty with hanging a 2 piece wedding dress! Shout out to Wildwood Photography for the help!!

Shooting with very thin white veil material (depending on the location) the veil can appear very blue or grey, this is when I really love the magic of adding warmth to an image!

Van Dusen Gardens though for the WIN!!!!

Once again showing how to stay underexposed to really bring the detail out in the diamond after the fact!

I left these to the end because I knew that MOST people would see these as some of the biggest changes! So, in this situation the sun had just set and is was December 30th so it was VERY cold and there was snow on the ground. All of these factor will lead to your images coming out very blue and very "cold" feeling! To me, this doesn't work for my warm style! So crank up the warmth and BAM, their skin is amazing and SO is that sky in the background!!

This is another GREAT example of using OCF - I had the flash behind them pointed towards them to create that amazing glow around her hair and shall. Also when you are shooting later at night after the sun is gone down is is super helpful to have extra light sources helping you if you are outside! Yes I know, lots of work went into this one post production to make it look exactly how I wanted it! Yes I know there are many ways this image can be taken but this is how I felt it fit best in my style, don't you just LOVE how magical it is!?

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Jordan Doak is a Wedding & lifestyle photographer based in the Fraser Valley & Maple Ridge, BC