Maaaaaaan alive I have been wanting to do a "carnival" styled engagement session for the longest time and it finally happened! All I wanted was sunsets, carnival swings, bright colors, cotton candy, mini donuts and a BADASS couple and holy shit did the entire day deliver or what!?!

Pam & Luke are a couple of mine who are getting married on the beach in a tropical paradise and I cannot wait to join them on this trip and get to photograph their big day! I knew that their personalities and their love and silliness for each other would be the PERFECT fit for this shoot!

The weather literally could NOT have been any better, in fact it was HOT AF out but it was so worth it! We spent the evening frolicking around Playland, playing games, riding the rides and laughing so much that my face hurt by the end of the night! We even ended up on the "wheel of death" this is what I call a ferris wheel because they are stupid, pointless and sketchy AF!

After all was said and done and we got the shots we wanted we went and good food truck dinner and sat down to watch Dueling Pianos and have drinks and just enjoy each others company! These are the kind of moments I want to remember when I think back about the work I do and it makes me SOOO freaking happy that this is my job!!

Enjoy the Photos!

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