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Nicole and Alex's summer wedding in downtown Vancouver was nothing short of amazing. The ceremony took place in this charming old church that added this timeless vibe to the whole day.

Once the "I dos" were said, we ditched the formalities and hit the streets. Vancouver became our playground, and we stumbled upon this rooftop that was straight out of a dream. The city sprawled out beneath us, and the reflections in the building windows were like something out of a movie.

As the sun started its descent, everything turned this warm, golden hue. It was like the city was putting on its own show for Nicole and Alex. Their wedding party was a riot — full of energy and laughter. We just went with the flow, capturing those spontaneous moments that make weddings so special.

The rooftop turned into this magical backdrop for the evening, with the city lights twinkling around Nicole and Alex. It was a perfect reflection of their love against the urban landscape.

Throughout the day, the couple and their friends kept things real. There was no shortage of laughter, hugs, and just good vibes. Being their photographer felt more like hanging out with a bunch of friends, documenting all these incredible moments.

From the church ceremony to the rooftop escapade, it was hands down the best day capturing Nicole and Alex's wedding. It was a perfect blend of tradition and the vibrant, modern energy of the city. A celebration of love against the backdrop of a stunning Vancouver sunset – what more could you ask for?

Vendors who helped with their day!

Vancouver Wedding Photographer: Jordan Doak Photography

Flowers: Nutmeg and Greg

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