Oooooooooooo my goodness, HELLO GOLDEN HOUR! I'm sorry but there is something to be said about the summer and the gorgeous sunsets its give us! The winter is nice, its cold its cozy but man a live my heart belongs in the heat and the sunshine!!

This family was one of my favourite shoots of the summer - they were fun, outgoing, adventurous and never looked at funny when I gave them hilarious things to do, they just did it no questions asked! One of the biggest things when photographing a family is to try and get the children to really come out of their shell so I can capture their true essence! Sometimes this takes time, sometimes it happens right away and sometimes it doesn't fully happy which is okay! The biggest thing as a parent is to encourage them, nothing will turn a session for the worse more than parents getting upset with their children because they are being shy, this is just human nature and its totally okay!

As a parent during a family session you should be outgoing and fun and wanting to play because as soon as the children see you acting goofy or sill then their true self will come out and we can begin to have fun, when parents have hesitations about the photos or the prompts I get my families to do then the children will read into that and they will see that you are being closed off and guarded and they will do the same. Consider the age old phrase of "monkey see, monkey do" if they see you having fun and being light and open then they will do it right back!

Meeting a stranger (me) for the first time as a child is intimidating and especially when they have a camera, don't force them to shake my hand or say hi, I will work on their trust throughout the shoot, you just need to be supportive and comforting!

I hope this makes your next family shoot a breeze!



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