These two are SUCH awesome friends of mine and it is about time their wedding hit the blog! When it comes to Jordan Doak blogging my motto is better late then never!! I grew up with both of these amazing people when I lived in Squamish, I played hockey with Brodyn and went to school with Kodi! When I heard they got engaged I was so freaking excited I had to hold myself back from being like BOOK ME BOOK ME!! Long story short they ended up booking with me and their wedding was one of my faves for the gorgeous summer season!! The started out with Beer pong and ended with Brodyn getting “iced” at the end of the night!

ALSO SOME HUGELY AWESOME NEWS!! They just announced that they are HAVING A BABY!!! So freaking over the moon excited for these two! Crazy to think we are old enough to be married and having babies! These two are killing it and I figured I would let you in on how awesome their wedding was!

Cheers ~ jd