MEGAN & ADAM | Secret Gardens of Woodbridge Ponds Wedding

Updated: Jan 23

Well well well, where do I start with this wedding! It was SUCH a huge celebration for so many reasons!

1) These two are practically family so it felt extra special to be there for them

2) It was also my 100th wedding so it was indeed time to celebrate!

3) Secret Gardens and I have a massive love affair happening (because how could you not with this venue)

4) We got to work with an incredible team of people that are all so close! (Everyone is mentioned at the end)

I cannot believe over 100 couples have trusted me to capture their wedding day, it is humbling and it is my freaking honour to not only get to be just a small blip of their massive day but I get to capture these memories for them to remember for ever!

There are like 9 bagillion amazing photos from this wedding but I will only subject you to just a few because I'm sure you don't have time to look through everything!


The Amazing Vendors

Photography - Jordan Doak Photography & Robyn Strong Photography

Videography - Grey House Visual

Hair & Make Up - Rose Quartz Beauty

Florals - Blooms & Beyond

Venue - Secret Gardens of Woodbridge Ponds

HAPPY 100th TO ME!

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