Well guys the title pretty much says it all! As a child of separated parents this was all I ever wished for each night when I was their age, and I am soooo happy that I was able to live that dream through these kids eyes!!

A little while ago I received an email from a potential client asking for a family session but with a little hint of a surprise involved and I was immediately hooked! This is the story she sent me in her words:

My ex-husband and I have been separated for about 4 years. We have both dated several new people over the years with no success lol. For the past few months I’ve been dating someone and it’s really working out...

my ex husband!!! (Unbelievable, I know!!)  

We have been keeping our relationship completely secret, including from our 2 children. We’d like to use this photo shoot to announce to our children this great news! And maybe a photo or two to share the news with our friends and family shortly after! Plus some new family photos to put up on the wall when we move back in together. 

I couldn't even contain my excitement when I responded and I was SOOOO on board! Now it was just time to figure out the plan on how to surprise the kids! Merissa mentioned that she told her kids she had been dating someone new and his name was "Carl" AKA (Dad). She hadn't let the kids meet "Carl" yet until the right time! About half way through the shoot she decided she was going to blindfold the kids and tell them they were getting an early Christmas Present... once "Carl" came running from the other side of the park and got into position she said to them, "Okay I want you to meet Mommy's new boyfriend, Carl! Go ahead and take off your blindfolds!"

Needless to say the excitement in their faces and the Joy once they finally realized what was happening it was sooooooo freaking heartwarming to see! Their oldest daughter even asked if there was going to be another wedding because she wanted to be apart of it! LIKE COME ON!

Anyways, check out the photos, they are sure some of the most special images I have taken!

-Cheers - jd

Wishing this "Whole Again" Family All the Best! <3

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