My Amazing 2019 Wedding Couples!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I honestly don't even know where to begin when I think about all the people over the years who have trusted me to capture the biggest day of their lives, I know it sounds so sappy and stupid but I LEGIT love being just a small part in their day and it brings me so much inner joy to call this my job!!

This year I started a new ritual of getting a photograph with all my couples so I can somehow document and keep memories of me with them on their big day!!

Below are all my 2019 Wedding Couples <3 Love you all and Thank You sooooo much for believing in me to capture you day!!

And YES, before y'all say anything, I mainly only wear Black to Weddings! LOL


February 16th - Laura & Mark

I am so bummed I didn't snag a photo with these two, it was my first wedding of the year and I was only with them for a short time but what a gorgeous, cold winter wedding!!

March 16th - Vanessa & Colm

I still remember getting the first email from Vanessa when she inquired and she told me we were related in along blood line! Turns out we were and the wedding was like a family reunion of people I hadn't seen in YEARS! So many shared memories! <3

May 4th - Christina & Rick

My Favourite memory about these two besides their amazing May the 4th wedding... was their engagement session! We ran around gas town in the pouring rain and ended it all off drinking beer and Gin! Clearly we were all meant to be!

May 18th - Kayla & Brandon

The First time Kayla and I met it was when she was a bridesmaid for another one of my clients from a few years ago, so when she asked me to be her photographer I felt so freaking honoured because I clearly left some kind of impression on them! The rest of our time together was like long time friends, drinks, good conversation and just downright a good time and their wedding day was no exception!

May 19th - Laurén & Dorian

These two knew just how to make their day unique to them and NO ONE else! They mixed things up and did a morning wedding with an afternoon lunch reception, outdoor yard games and a very casual and inviting atmosphere! Laurén also rocked the knee high tea length wedding dress and it totally suited her!

May 25th - Allegra & Troy

I remember so many things about their day and first one being when I walked into her closet and seen her wedding dress for the first time and I believe my exact words were "holy shit balls!" I also remember how we spent the better part of the morning hoping and praying the rain would hold off and it YES IT DID! Just long enough for us to finish photos!

June 8th - Katie & Keenan

Maaaaaan what can't I say about this wedding! These two were the epitome of just a good friend right from meeting them on day one! Their wedding day was sooo freaking perfect, all the way from their first look to their reception! I'll never forget how terrified I was to touch his hat so it seemed natural that I steal it for our photo! Like the freakin hat came in its how carrying case and shit, like thats serious!

July 6th - Alisa & Nico

I have soooooo many good vibes and memories when I think about this day! These two are the kind of people who are soooo freaking unconditionally in love and I am soo honoured they chose me to capture it! I know when we first chatted they both told me they were nervous for photos and by the end of the night these two not only became great friends but practically models as well!

July 13th - Megan & Adam (MY 100TH WEDDING)

Well well well, this wedding was one for the BOOKS! It was my 100th wedding and they were my 100th couple to have me as their photographer and I am so honoured! Soooo the 3 of us go way way back and were basically each others chosen family! I knew their wedding was going to be unforgettable and also a little un-rememberable!! Only with family would I let as loose as I did at this wedding, and it was my 100th so it was time to celebrate!! Once I was off the clock it was time for the bar, the dance floor and just a good time! Shout out to Robyn Strong Photography who was my second shooter that day for driving my drunk ass home and to the McDonalds drive-thru! You the real MVP!

July 20th - Rigel & Jessica

I remember right from meeting these two that they would be so awesome! They are just the kind of genuine down to earth, madly in love kind of people! Their wedding day was so freaking special and we were given like the most GORGEOUS weather, I remember sweating, like a lot!

July 25th - Charlene & Alex

When it comes to intimate, these two take the cake! They hosted a wedding made up of like 6 people at the gorgeous Fraser River Lodge! It was so perfect, we even waiting and socialized until the sunset was PRIME and was like BOOM time to take photos, we got eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes but it was so freaking worth it, then we topped it off by all of us eating their wedding cake and drinking champagne!

July 27th - Natalie & Ryan

These two are just the kind of people that your personalities click with in a matter of like 5 seconds! These two changed their wedding date like 5 million times LOOOL but we all managed to finally get these two married and it was like a 2 year process and I remember getting to the wedding day and feeling like they were family, the dirty jokes, the swear words, all of it was perfection!

August 9th - Faith & Tyler

These two have SUCH infectious personalities where you cant help but smile when your around them! My fave memory of these two was when I found out that Tyler was the voice of a radio host that I listened too almost every day and I didn't even realize it was him until the day after our engagement shoot when I recognized the voice!! Their wedding day was perfect and intimate as well and I am so happy I was able to capture their memories!!

August 12th - Brooke & Keith

These two had us laughing the entire day! Yet another SCORTCHER of a wedding day but it was such a beautiful day! The wanted a casual laid back day and I know it was exactly what they had dreamed of! I remember adventuring up to Jones Lake with them for their engagement session and they brought their row boat and booze and we had such a freaking epic night!

August 17th - Briana & Mike

When I first met these two it was over some drinks in their back yard in Maple Ridge! Their back yard that was massive and included a pool, barn and a pond/lake! We talked about their plans for the wedding day and it came to life so amazingly! I remember all night being like, man I wish someone would turn this into a pool party and JUUUUST before we were about to leave, sure enough people ended up in the pool and it was the perfect backyard casual summer wedding anyone could ever have!

August 24th - Ashley & John

These two tied the knot in Maple Ridge and it was such an amazing day! I actually know Ashley through my wife and I knew right away that they would be a perfect JD Couple! They looked freaking BOMB AF and their wedding day was the exact same! I remember ending their day on the dance floor busting low!

August 25th - Casey & Jordan

I don't even know how to sum up these two properly! I remember Casey emailing me needing only a couple hours of coverage for their backyard elopement with their closest family and their kids! I had never met these two prior to their wedding day and I kind of wish I had because it felt like we were like life long friends and we immediately clicked and legit had the BEST day! We took shots, I was nicknamed JDawg because the groom was also Jordan so we needed a nickname for me! I feel so blessed to have been apart of this one, as short and sweet as it was it was perfect!

August 31st - Shawna & Thomas

Where do I start.... these two are such amazing friends and I feel like I've gained life long friend ships from them! We had shot their engagement session only 1 month before the wedding and we had such a freaking blast that I was so stoked for their big day! I remember joking around with them at the Engagement session about when they were having kids... TURNS OUT THEY WERE PREGNANT!! They had found out like a couple days before the engagement session and they spilled the beans to me on their wedding day!!

September 7th - Bianca & Thomas

Ahhhhhhh one of my faves from the year! I can't say enough about these two and they brought me along on their big day at the Vancouver Museum and it was SOOOO amazing, the location, the venue, the weather, the backdrop! Legit everything was perfect and they are some of my fave images from the year!!

September 21st - Zach & Alex

As much as I wish I was in this photo with them, I had my mouth open catching all this champagne! Zach had messaged me one day telling me about their plans to charter a helicopter with their immediate family, go to some amazing location and get married and that is EXACTLY what happened! All 12 of us crammed into a helicopter and flew to an epic location together! It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences and I am sooooo thankful I was apart of it!

September 27th - Michelle & Scott

These are the kind of people where you just drink, laugh, drink, laugh harder until you pee! I have so many amazing memories with these two! One of my faves was during their engagement session when Michelle needed a few coolers in order to calm the nerves... well that led to her tripping and falling up a hill in front of like a 100 person outdoor yoga class LOOL I laughed sooo hard that I'm sure I disrupted the zen of their class, but fuck it! ahahah Their wedding day was also filled with so many good laughs!!

September 28th - Amanda & Tony

Ahhhhhh I knew right from our first meeting we would CLICK! The entire process with these two was like talking to friends! The engagement session was a freaking blast running around downtown Vancouver! Their wedding day we were lucky enough to have a GORGEOUS day to take flight in a helicopter and fly to Wigeon Lake on a mountain top!! It was pure perfection and we partied the night away with them!

October 4th - Hailey & Tim

WOW this wedding was just INSANE!! If you did the math, my Daughter Oaklynn was born on October 3rd... yes! THE DAY BEFORE THEIR WEDDING!! I remember Danielle first went into labour I was so stressed I was going to miss this day! I immediately reached out to my amazing friends The Macleans and Robyn Strong Photography to cover me on their wedding day! We left the hospital at 1PM with Oaklynn and by 4pm I was at their wedding shooting their portraits! I just wanted to at least be a small part of their wedding and actually see them on the big day! Robyn & Kelsey finished off the night without me! Thank You Hailey & Tim for being SOOOOO understanding with the circumstances!

October 12th - Megan & Jordan

Well well well, what CAN'T I say about these bitches! ahahaah right from their Engagement session at the top of the Squamish Gondola (RIP) to their wedding day I feel like I gained family! We laughed so freaking hard during their engagement session, mainly because I was UNPREPARED for treking through snow and I ended up slipping and falling like 500 times! ahaha Their wedding day was also the DUE DATE for Oaklynn and I was so worried I was going to miss it, seeing as Oaklynn came early I was able to be there and I am so thankful for that!

October 26th - Joelle & Landon

These two had the most GORGEOUS fall perfection the world could have offered! They both looked like something out of a fairy tale and I legit cannot get over the amazing sunset, fall colors and weather we had on this day.. liike serious GOALS were happening all freaking day!! They were so much fun to work with and we had so many laughs all day!!

November 17th - Delaney & Daniel

LET'S GET WEIRD! ahahhaha Ohhh man right from our very first meeting over drinks at cactus club I knew these two would give me one hell of a good time! We basically took some photos and then drank and said LETS GET WEIRD for like 8 hours, it was perfection! But in all seriousness these two looked freaking incredible and their day was perfection and the rain even stopped 1 hour before photos!

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