Steamy Sunset Engagement Session | Brittany & Braden

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

When I say steamy I mean these two brought out all the stops for the PDA and I enjoyed every minute of it! (that sounded creepy and I apologize) but seriously these two are so freaking in love, so chill and just down to have so much fun, laugh and bring the heat!

If there are people that everyone should just have in their life, these two fit that description! From the moment we met they were so welcoming, made me feel like a friend and just didn't hold back being their true authentic selves and there is honestly nothing more I could ask for from clients!

We started off at Buntzen lake where they got engaged and then we ended at White Pine beach for an EPIC sunset! It was such a gorgeous night and it was perfect for a beach session and running around in the water and dancing around! I feel like both of them has some hesitation about getting their photos done which 99% of people do but after about 30 second these two were bringing the heat and just killing it! I remember Braden saying that we should do this more often because for 2+ hours he got to just cuddle, make-out and snuggle his fiancee!

and for me... if a groom HAS FUN & Wants to do it again... thats the biggest win I can get!!

I cannot wait for these two to host their wedding on their property in Langley, if it is even a quarter as fun as their engagement session was it will be such an amazing night!!

Enjoy the heat, both sunshine and PDA!

Cheers ~ JD

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Jordan Doak is a Wedding & lifestyle photographer based in the Fraser Valley & Maple Ridge, BC