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I pride myself on being 100% open, honest and genuine. From start to finish I want to be your friend,  I don't want to just be "that photographer you hired."

I want you to brag to your friends about how awesome your pictures were and how you scream from the rooftops


about how I am the best photogra...... okay I may be getting a little to ahead of myself; but hey, who wouldn't want their name screamed from a roof top? 

I photographed my very first wedding when I was only 19 years old... some have told me "oh you're way to young for this job." My response to that is how I am now 26 years old, married to the love of my life, building a business that I am SO proud of and being able to photograph 30+ weddings every year. I get to spend my weekends attending the happiest day of peoples lives, not only do I get to witness it, I get to capture it and preserve it forever! When someone asks me what I do and I can happily and emphatically respond with, "I am a Wedding Photographer" that feeling is one I hope I can have for the rest of my life! 

I once had a client tell me "wow, you really know how to capture a moment." That may have been the best compliment I've ever gotten! I don't care what I have to do or say to make you laugh and make you both feel comfortable in front of my camera but you can bet I am going to! I may get you to whisper dirty jokes to each other or tell the most embarrassing thing about the other or tell the dumbest dad joke I can think of, but you can be prepared to have a lot of fun and A LOT of laughs during our sessions! 


Outgoing photographer, lover of all things gin, believer in good people & devoted husband & father

meet my
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Danielle & I didn't meet like most people. It wasn't at a party, it wasn't a blind date, it wasn't set up... in fact no one could have imagined that love would have or could have blossomed from such a tragedy but that's our beginning 

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and then there


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