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  • 33 Page Digital File PDF

  • 23 Fully Detailed Prompts & Poses

  • 10 Conversation Starters

  • Tips on Preparing for the Session

  • Tips for Shooting the Session



A 30 Minute Behind the Scenes Video...
of me shooting and directing a couple through most of these poses & prompts! You can get a personal dive into what a session with me looks like and how I go about executing these prompts and poses during a real couple session!



All the Prompts & Posing are organized into categories based off the style of pose it is and the feeling portrayed from that photo! The categories are really focused on getting amazing shots during an engagement session but also providing you with prompts & posing tools that can be used on a wedding day with a couple as well! 

Prompt Cards

Title & Name of the Prompt/Pose

& also the category it belongs to.

Photo of what the end result of the

prompt or pose looks like.

The exact wording I use to explain

the prompt to the couple during the shoot.

My tips to think about when executing

the prompt or pose or while setting it up.


The Video

Not only do I want you to have these prompts and tools I also wanted you to see it come to life in action! This  is a full in-depth behind the scenes video of me bringing these prompts and poses to life and you get a first hand look as to how I go about shooting a couple session using these posing techniques! 

You'll be there the entire time hearing what I say, seeing how I interact with the couple and watching the entire process from start to finish!!

Personally I learned best from watching others do their craft and I figured it would be the best way to teach you! It's just over 30 Minutes long and includes demonstrations of almost every prompt in the guide!

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