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On Saturday September 21st, I had the freaking PLEASURE of joining Alex & Zach and 9 of their closest family members in a MASSIVE (14 person) Helicopter... I didn't even know that was a thing!! We took off from Abbotsford Airport and flew all over the Lower Mainland in search of a wicked spot to drop down for the 2 of them to say their "I Do's" after circling this gorgeous river bed our Pilot brought us down!!

Alex and Zach stood on the rocks of this river in front of their families and made things official! We laughed, took some photos, popped champagne, cheersed and had SUUUUUCH a great time!!

This will FORSURE go down as one of the coolest experiences I have been apart of in this business and I am soooo happy I got to capture just a quarter of the love that was shared on this day!!

Take a Look & Enjoy!!

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