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Mountain Top Elopement | Shayla + Todd | Sky Helicopters Wedding

Oh Man I don't even know where to start with this one! Shayla & Todd reached out to me to tell me all about their plans to elope just the two of them on the top of the mountain on a certain date! I, obviously never turning down a heli ride said HELL YES!

We planned the date well in advance and when the day came the weather was looking super iffy! The pilot is the one who makes the final YAY or NAY call and in the morning it was a yay, then it was a nay then it was a yay again so we packed up and headed to the airport! I pulled in the parking lot along with the couple when we got the final NO FLY call just minuted before the flight! :( Welcome to BC weather!

However this didn't stop them... we made a back up plan of going to a park nearby that had sentimental value to them so they could get married THAT DAY! They were dressed, hair was done, I was there and the commissioner was ready to go so it was time for a wedding!

Once we get to the park they had chosen (also a very popular photography park) the gates were closed due to extreme winds... never in my life have I seen the park gates closed to this area before... like WTF! We decided we would park on the street, strap on our boots and hike our way into the park anyways! Just as made that decision we realized a major flaw in our plan... In order to legally get married, you need to witness' to sign your license.. One of them was myself but the other was supposed to be the helicopter pilot - uh oh!

As we realized this we flagged down a random car in the middle of no where on a rainy day and asked them if they wanted walk into the park with us so they could be the other witness... to this day I still don't remember the name of the lady that said she would and I wish I could thank her again! she brought her daughters who were also in the car to watch and cheer on!

All obstacles aside... they got married and it was perfect!

Now of course what you all came to see - mountain top photos! About a week after their wedding date we got a PERFECT weather report for a new date! We all met back at the airport and the wind was calm, it was oddly warm for a winter day and the skies were blue! PERFECT conditions to hit the mountain and take some photos!

Because we didn't have to do the formal ceremony anymore on the mountain top, there was an extra seat in the helicopter so I brought along my friend Stacie Lynn Photographer so we could break her Helicopter Virginity! We also had the entire time on the mountain to just take photos which was SUCH an amazing experience!

Check out all the gorgeous photos form both their rainy wedding day and their mountain top photos!

Helicopter Day with Sky Helicopters

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