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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A family Photo list is super helpful to making the process go smoothly and efficiently. As the photographer I do not know the names of your family or really even who your family is so first names need to be on the list instead of (Mom & Dad) etc. Please keep your family photo list to IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY. (Mom, Dad, Siblings, grandparents) Avoid Aunts, uncles cousins & friends, we can do photos with them at your reception! With trying to keep your family photos no more than 30 minutes long please try to keep your list down to 15 groupings (2 minutes per grouping)

Example of a Family Photo List

In this scenario the Bride & Groom are Listed a B & G

Brides Family

• Bride + Al, Myrna

• B&G + Al, Myrna

• B&G + Debbie

• B&G + Debbie, Bruce

• B&G + Al, Myrna, Debbie,

• B&G + Al, Myrna, Debbie, Bruce

• B&G + Al, Myrna, Garret, Jen, Phil

Grooms Family

• B&G + Brad, Debbie

• Groom + Brad, Debbie

• Groom + Al, Brad, Phil, Garret, Bruce

• B&G + John & Hillary

• B&G + Grandma & Grandpa Bird

• B&G + Jane, Greg

Mixed Families Together

• B&G + Al, Myrna, Brad & Debbie (Both sets of Parents)

• B&G + Al, Myrna, Brad & Debbie, Garret, Jen, Phil, John & Hillary

If you have any questions in making your family photo list or are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!

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