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Alrightyyyyyyyyy, I don't even know where to start with this one! I hate to play favourites because every wedding is amazing but there is something about this Castlegar Backyard Summer Wedding that has me with ALL the heart eyes from start to finish!! 

For starters, a little back story... Krista is my wife's best friend and they have been since they were pre-teen losers (trust me i've seen the pics) Over the years of our relationship we have come very close to Krista & Spencer! You may even see my wife in the wedding party 😉 When they first got engaged they came to me and asked if I would shoot the wedding but they understood if I just wanted to "ENJOY" it.... Y'all need to understand that in order for me to enjoy a wedding, I need to be shooting it! Thats where all the action is and frankly being a wedding photographer has ruined weddings for me... they're boring unless I'm in the middle of the action! SOOOO of course I said hell yaaas!

Wedding weekend is here and it was time to make an 8 hour road trip to the beautiful Castlegar BC right on the Kootney River! Robyn Strong Photography accompanied me on this lengthy road trip along with MANY MANY snacks and pee stops! (my wife went up a few days before me to help set up) We showed up right during the wedding rehearsal at sunset in the backyard of Spencer's mom's river front home! IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT... wait until you get to sunset photos! That night ended with one to many Gin Popsicles... YA YOU HEARD THAT (Jordan's new summer treat) 

Come wedding morning Robyn and I drove around Castlegar looking for the best place to do all the photos, we found a perfect little field with a house and a BREATH TAKING BRIDGE, I don't want to give any spoilers but this might be the most intense and more gorgeous location i've ever shot a wedding in!! Small Disclaimer... be careful when walking on these very smooth river cliffs... I took a nice bail and slid a good 10 feet and my bear leg took the brunt of it! Whats a wedding without a little blood going into the reception!?

One of my favourite memories from the entire day was the disaster that was the gravy.... because it was a backyard wedding it was catered... once the caterers showed up they opened u the back of their SUV and there it was 3 gallons of gravy ALL OVER THE CAR! Lesson learned... strap down your gravy! Once the disaster spread through the crowd what did Spencer's mom do, she hit the kitchen with 15 packs of gravy mix and put it together faster than I've ever seen anything made in my life! She also hand served it table by table to all the guests! Roberta... YOU DA BOMB! 

Anyways... once the reception began the rest was history... I had 45 too many Gin & Tonics and turned into a hot mess on the dance floor 😉 don't worry I was off the clock and had complete my "duties"

Thank You both SOOOOOO much for realizing how important it is to me to photograph a wedding and trusting in me to do that for yours! 


 If there isn't a keg stand is it even a wedding?! 

Love You Guys soo much! Thank you for bringing me all the way up for this amazing day!!

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