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JUST SAY NO | Stop Ghosting Wedding Vendors

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The moment has come, your partner has asked you to marry them and now is the time to start your wedding planning! You compile lists of vendors from all different specialties and you start inquiring with them about their services and their costs, you may think its harmless to just inquire to everyone on your list and it totally is, but they took time out of the schedules to welcome a potential client...

"You at least owe them the respect of a responce"

You see, when it comes to a business owner, there is a process of how you handle a new "lead" (potential client) You may start off with a welcome email explaining your services and your pricing, then there will be a follow up email or two. Now the biggest difference between any industry VS the wedding industry is that it all hinges on a DATE. When you inquired you likely gave the vendor your date and your names may have been penciled in, jotted down or added to the list of others who want that same date.

All wedding vendors can understand the "push & shove" the "first come first serve" mentality when it comes to booking clients because weddings are a massive industry with thousands of new brides-to-be every day! So we want to make sure every lead has equal opportunity to reserve a date, and this comes down to our follow ups. Emails are tricky because we never want to sound to pushy but we also need you to know that there are many other people who could be waiting for a spot.

It may be hard and it may be awkward to tell someone that you decided not to book with them but instead with someone else... however I can guarantee that

ANY VENDOR in any part of the industry would much rather get an email saying "NO" then not getting any emails at all... G-H-O-S-T-E-D.

Consider this, when you tell someone no (yes it sucks) maybe even consider proving feedback as to why? Bring a positive light to the situation will help that business better serve potential clients. These professionals took time away from their families to run a business, to respond to your email, to follow up with you when they heard nothing back. I can guarantee that they would welcome any kind of response.

Don't let that vendor... or better yet, Human Being, sit there and over-think why you didn't choose them. "Was I not good enough?" "Was I too expensive?" "Do I suck at my job?"

In a world of people who hide behind their keyboard and computer screens, be the one who steps forward and does the right thing and treats another human with the decency and respect they deserve.

Thank You for coming to my TED Talk!


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