From the very first time you inquire all the way until the very end I will be as real with you as any of your friends. I'll treat you like a friend of mine and I wont hold back when it comes to laughing or throwing the odd swear word! I strive to be a real human instead of this picture perfect business owner, because you can bet your ass I'm not! I don't have my shit together in a tight little bow, somedays I don't even know where my shit is but what I do have is a want an a passion for this job and I am thankful every day that I don't have to get up and put on some fake persona and go to work!  The fact that hundreds of couples have trusted me to document their day means the world to me!

The Wedding Experience

I could write a typical about me page and start off with, "since I was a kid I always dreamed of being a ______!"  Don't worry though, that's just as annoying to me as it is to you! What you need to know about me is that I 'm a real person, I curse when I'm mad, I eat ice cream when I'm stressed, I laugh with my ENITRE body and I love my Gin... well it's always a good time for gin. 

I photographed my very first wedding when I was only 19 years old... some have told me "oh you're way to young for this job." My response to that is how I am now 23 years old, married to the love of my life, building a business that I am SO proud of and being able to photograph 20+ weddings every year. I get to spend my weekends attending the happiest day of peoples lives, not only do I get to witness it, I get to capture it and preserve it forever! When someone asks me what I do and I can happily and emphatically respond with, "I am a Wedding Photographer" that feeling is one I hope I can have for the rest of my life! 


Outgoing photographer, lover of all things gin, believer in good people & devoted husband

  • 10 Hours of  Wedding Day Coverage

  • Two Wedding Day Photographers

  • Complimentary Engagement Session

  • Pre Wedding Consultation & Planning Help

  • High Resolution Images with Online Presentation Gallery

  • USB Keepsake of Images

  • Wedding Day Slideshow of Images

  • Custom Engraved iPad Preloaded with all Wedding Images

  • 24 x 36 Fine Art Print

  • 100 Custom Designed Thank You Cards

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This brief little click through, is not a waste of time, trust me... I wouldn't have been bother to spend the time and make sure my grammar was correct if I knew you wouldn't need this! Whether your wedding is 2 years away or 2 months away it is still going to be one of the biggest moments in your relationship and let's real talk for a second... wedding planning sucks... unless your the type with binders and spreadsheets then you're set and you're ducks are in a row! For those who's ducks aren't even in the same location let alone "in a row" then this is for you!! Click Through and learn the process! 


Jordan shot our wedding today and I am so confident in his ability I’m posting a review before I’ve even seen the final edits. He was everything I could of asked for in a photographer!! I’ve been following his work for a while and just adore his style, sense of humour, and his overall attitude - and he definitely lived up to it all today. He was so easy to listen to for direction, helped immensely with the last minute details of things, and was just fucking delightful. I was constantly laughing and never felt like I had to ask him to do anything as he was already usually doing it! His second shooter Robyn was equally awesome and I adored her as well!!! I cannot wait to see he final edits, as the few shots he showed me off the camera were AMAZING. Jordan is absolutely someone you should consider for ANY event/shoot because he’s just plain awesome. Will be coming back for photos from him forever! Thanks again Jordan, you da bomb

~Jenn & Jordan

Wedding Photographer for the ridiculously in love and the hopeless romantic | An exuberant extrovert capturing real love stories for real people!